VIVANDI is a leading and rapidly expanding distributor and promoter of the world’s finest image enhancement products. Through years of medical experience and in-depth knowledge of the latest advancements in medical research, we bring you the best in professional hair & beauty.

At VIVANDI Trading we know firsthand how lifeless hair and hair fall can affect not only your appearance, but your self-confidence and self-esteem. At VIVANDI, we offer medically proven hair restoration solutions and hair cosmetic and enhancement ranges for men, women and children.

We commit to providing our clients with unparalleled services and aim to inspire and empower those seeking solutions for hair loss and related image enhancement results.

The VIVANDI name translates to “A New Life” for our clients and this is at the heart of what we do. Founder & CEO, Mr. Amin Sheybani formed the brand in 2000 after noticing a gap in the market across the Middle East for many suffering in silence from their hair loss and identity crisis issues. ‘This particular region is exposed to chemicals within the water, causing faster aging, skin damage and hair loss more apparent than in any other part of the world.’

Mr .Amin Sheybani quickly realized the image conscious market just waiting for an answer and conceptualized the VIVANDI brand which, initially began as a distribution channel for leading salons, spas and pharmacies across the Gulf, giving clients a self-serving option within our broad range. Later, his vision grew into a hair loss treatment center for non-surgical hair restoration and enhancement services under the roof of our Trichology Center, which can be visited

“Our long term goal is to THINK BIG, BE BIG & GO BIG. We will be the number 1 hair & beauty provider known to the Middle Eastern market by 2020"

As the exclusive representative to a selection of high caliber beauty and lifestyle brands, VIVANDI is a distributor best known for its firm commitment to professionalism and this reflects in our passion for international beauty business ventures product acquisition.

A true understanding of the industry combined with a strong dedication to customer service, has helped VIVANDI gain significant market share while earning a respected reputation within the region’s medical and beauty businesses.