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Can’t Get Lash Extensions? 3 Tips For Longer-Looking Lashes

Can’t Get Lash Extensions? 3 Tips For Longer-Looking Lashes

If you’ve tried eyelash extensions, you’ll know the results can be addictive. Within the hour, you can walk out of your local lash bar with full, luscious, magazine-worthy lashes. With new social distancing restrictions put in place to help slow the curve of the novel Coronavirus, salons around the country are closed. How will you maintain the appearance of longer, stronger lashes with this enforced breakup with your go-to lash therapist?

What if some R&R for your natural lashes is just what the doctor ordered? You don’t need to put lashes on top of your lashes to achieve the full, Bambi-approved look you desire. We’re giving you all the tips, tricks, and tools you need to maintain long, fluttery lashes, even during a pandemic.  


Whether you can’t make it to the salon for a touchup, or you feel that eyelash extensions may be putting your natural lashes in jeopardy, lockdown is your chance to nurse thin, broken lashes back to health. A lash extension detox will allow you to rediscover your natural-lash beauty and give weak lashes the TLC they need. Follow the tips below to get stronger, longer-looking natural lashes. 

Tips to Get Stronger, Longer-looking Natural Lashes at Home.


  • Take a hot, steamy shower to help dry out the adhesive that connects the extensions to your natural lashes. The steam will help loosen the bond and make the glue more brittle. 
  • Use a gentle cleanser on your lash line. Dip a cotton bud in your favorite micellar water and wipe it along the base of your extensions. This will ensure all traces of makeup are gone before you start separating fake lashes from your natural ones. 
  • Dip a cotton ball or makeup sponge in coconut oil and gently swipe both the upper and lower lash lines being careful never to scrub. Coconut oil will give the extensions “slip” to help them slide easily off your lash line. 
  • You should begin to see the false lashes coming off on the sponge, cotton ball, or on the countertop. 


Implement a results-driven lash serum into your daily routine to breathe new life into dry, split, or broken lashes. LiLash® Purified Eyelash Serum is physician formulated to condition and nourish eyelash follicles throughout the growth cycle to give the appearance of longer-looking, thicker, swoon-worthy lashes. Use the serum daily before bed to get the length, lift, and volume you crave. Much like you would apply liquid eyeliner, use the applicator to sweep the serum over your upper lash line gently. Expect to see results in 4-6 weeks with the full lash magic happening at 90 days. 

LiLash Eyelash Purified Serum is a Lash Booster for Damaged Eyelashes.


We get it; you love the hassle-free convenience of eyelash extensions. With LiLash, your natural lashes under the falsies don’t have to be compromised. Once quarantine ends, if you’re planning to be first in line at the lash bar for a fill, continue to nourish your natural lashes with LiLash to prevent future breakage, promote healthy growth, and keep your extensions looking better for longer. LiLash penetrates your natural lash follicles to deep condition and creates a sturdy base to hold the extensions. 

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