Revivogen Pro

Revivogen PRO represents the first medically-formulated natural solution for thinning hair from the dermatologist office to the salon. Formulated by renowned dermatologist Alex Khadavi, MD, Revivogen products have been successfully used to treat thinning hair in dermatology offices, hair transplant clinics, and pharmacies in the US and 40 countries worldwide. Revivogen PRO brings this clinically successful product to the Salon Professionals and Clients seeking a medically-based, natural and effective solution for fine and thinning hair.
Revivogen PRO collection is comprised of six innovative products that: Address the root cause of thinning hair safely and effectively using natural ingredients. Gently cleanse and exfoliate the scalp for an optimal hair growth environment. Add body, shine and density to fine and thin hair for healthy and luxurious hair. Look and feel younger as Revivogen PRO transforms thin and lifeless hair into thicker, fuller and youthful hair. Revivogen PRO is Anti-aging for the Hair!